Zoom is a video conferencing program that runs on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

When you first connect to zoom it will prompt you to download a little app that you will use to connect to the video classroom.

Here is a link to test the program and connection. When the Zoom app is started it will just show “waiting for the host to start”, but then you know that are ready to go and may quit the Zoom app for now.

Connect to your video class through the link posted on your classroom page.

When you connect, please use your name/ your kid’s name so we can identify who is connecting. Zoom now might require a password, we’ll post it on the classroom page.

Select “Join with Video”. If you can, position the camera in a way that you can see our image, we can see you and also the work you are doing. Or you can just face the camera and show/hold your artwork up when prompted.

Next you will be prompted to join with audio – select your audio (eg Internet Audio), so you can hear us and we can hear you.

You might be joining a ‘waiting room’ first, until we open the classroom. If you get disconnected and have to reconnect you will also get placed in the waiting room. Please be patient.

If you have connected without audio, you can join audio with the button on the bottom left of the screen. With these buttons you can also mute yourself or stop and start your video.

Speaker View will show the current speaker large and and participants as a small image. Most of the time we will spotlight (=enlarge) artstream’s video so the video will not constantly switch between speakers. When you show your work we will show your video large to everyone. (Feel free to remind us to put the focus back on our video if we forget …)

‘Gallery View ‘ shows an overview of all participants.

We might at times mute all participants, depending on the background noise levels.

If you are muted, you can unmute yourself to ask a question by clicking the microphone symbol at the bottom of the screen.

You can also temporarily unmute by pressing the spacebar while you talk. On mobile devices / some tablets you alternatively swipe right to a screen where you can tap to speak.